Monday, May 21, 2018
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About Us

Barter Rewards, primed to take your business to the next level, provides a wealth of business services including barter, corporate trade, and merchant rewards.

Vision Statement

  • Global Trade Marketplace A brilliant array of opportunities
  • Interactive Directory Find products and services
  • Mobile Smartphone Access Mobile, Android & iPhone apps

Barter Rewards Trade Exchange Business to Business Network:


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Learn about the rewarding experience of helping businesses grow and prosper with barter.

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RocketTheme Advertising

Media Industry Advantage

Barter eliminates the complexities of managing direct trades. As a Barter Rewards Member, media companies are empowered to get the benefits of trading excess perishable inventory without all the hassles associated with one-to-one trading.

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RocketTheme Airlines

Airlines Can Fill Empty Seats

Empty airline seats, is a lost of revenue that can never be replaced. Barter Rewards delivers new customers, new business and additional revenues to provide airlines maximum profits.

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RocketTheme Cruises

Filling Empty Cabins

Empty cruise ship rooms, is lost unreplaceable revenue. Overhead expenses remain, and you can't monetize tonight's unsold cruise cabin tomorrow to reclaim lost revenue. Barter Rewards assists cruise company's to maximize future projected and last minute occupancy.

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RocketTheme Hotels

Hospitality Industry Advantage

Empty hotel rooms, timeshares, or resorts is lost revenue. Overhead expenses remain, and you can't monetize tonight's unsold room tomorrow to reclaim lost revenue. Barter Rewards assists hotels to maximize occupancy without resorting to discounting.

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RocketTheme Car Rental

Car Rental

Excess unsold inventory is lost revenue forever. Barter Rewards assists car rental companies to maximize car rental occupancy.

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Merchant Reward

Earn up to 1% rebates in reward dollars just for accepting credit cards.

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Cash Advances

Up to a $250,000 cash advance based on 125% of monthly credit card sales.

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CED Advances

Get Cash Equivalent Advances of $50,000 to $5 million to reduce cash requirements.

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